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Digital Artisan, Intrepid Designer, Cunning Artificer

When Troy was seven years old his parents gave him a sewing machine and a Computer; it all started there.
Troy’s studies carried him from computer sciences in the Rocky Mountains to Fashion Design in New York City. It was from there the production centers of Europe entered his worldview. Troy started studying Italian and studying abroad.
Upon graduating he went back to Florence to be close to the design and production of clothing and design objects designing collections for Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier and Emilio Cavallini. Italy has expanded Troy’s design in a multitude of materials/techniques such as Knitwear, Denim, Leather, Tailored suitings, fine dresses and technical fibers.
In a brief period Troy was exposed to a complete world of Fibers, Textiles, Yarns, Knits, Wovens, Bonded, Hide and Fur. This passion led Troy back into University when he was asked by the Director of Pitti Imagine to teach and research Digital Modeling for Fashion Design at the IUAV University of Venice.

These themes have been expanded into Wearable Technology, 3D Modeling/Printing, Interaction Design, and New Media Graphic Design which he teaches at the IED Institute of European Design, and ISIA in Florence.

Troy is a member of the Wearables for Italy Team that explores Wearable Applications in Florence www.wearabletechnology.it and a founding member of the Florence Fab Lab.



Throughout my education, I've learned from a lot of people, but none of them can make the process as personal and fun as Troy does! Constantly up to date with the latest tech trends, there is always something fresh you could learn from him! Awesome teacher and the kind of professional we should all strive to be!
Max Pirsky
I met Troy as a professor in Florence, he taught me more then I could have ever set out to learn. He has a passion that you can't find in most and patience to explain even the most complex theories.
Brianna Bullentini


Current Focus

IED Firenze

2007 - Today

Research Coordinator and Professor of Fashion Design, Communications and Marketing, Graphic Design for New Media.

ISIA Firenze

2009 - Today

Professor of Sustainable Product Design/Communication

W4IT, Plug and Wear, Stitch and Solder


Wearable Technology Research and Design.

Troykyo and AGDS Design Studio

Product Design, Marketing Communications and Event Production for todays leading Fashion Design brands.


    Fashion 70%

    Geek 80%

    Programmer 45%

    Maker 65%


    Photoshop | Illistrator | InDesign 110%

    Arduino | Processing 90%

    Cinema 4D | Meshlab | Rhino 50%

    Dreamweaver | HTML5 | CSS3 | JS 65%



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